Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a 2011 play by Alan Ayckbourn. I went to the Bull Theatre in North London to see a performance by Garden Suburb Theatre.

The play satirises “middle England” and Neighbourhood Watch schemes. It begins when brother and sister Martin and Hilda move to a new estate which they feel is being threatened by hoodlums. They decide to take steps to keep guard on their estate, but soon things get out of hand, with ID cards, locked gates, armed patrols, and even a set of stocks.

The performances were good and the play was very amusing, a commentary on the dangers of leaving law and order to well-meaning volunteers.



Teechers is a comedy by John Godber, set in a school during the 1990s. It explores the relationship between three pupils and their drama teacher, with a commentary on the state vs private school divide.

The play was performed at the Bull Theatre in High Barnet, by SDM Theatre Productions, and directed by Sophie Mazin. I was impressed by the actors, particularly Daniel Bratt, Abigail Carmel and Miriam Westbrook as the three main pupil characters. The story was absorbing and overall I was very impressed.