Le docteur Miracle / La tragédie de Carmen

I paid another visit to the Royal Academy of Music’s new theatre to see a student performance of two Bizet operas. One, Le docteur Miracle, was composed when Bizet was just eighteen, and is a simple amusing tale of a man who disguises himself as a servant to sneak into the house of his beloved, pretends to poison his new master, and, disguised as a doctor, explains that he can cure him only if he, Doctor Miracle, can win Laurette’s hand in marriage. It’s light and funny – I especially enjoyed the ‘Omelette Quartet’.

The second opera, La tragédie de Carmen, was a pared-down version of Carmen, reworked as a short chamber piece by Peter Brook and reorchestrated by Marius Constant. I’ve never seen the original so I can’t compare, but I enjoyed this version, which contained many of the famous songs and was gripping throughout.