Retro Reviews – An introduction

I originally started this blog in order to record my thoughts about the theatre productions I see. In particular, it was the Young Vic production of Hamlet starring Michael Sheen that first made me want to turn my thoughts into something approaching a review, because I found so much in it and I didn’t want to forget anything.

However, I’d been going to the theatre in London for several months before that, and prior to my move to the capital, I’d seen a number of productions throughout the country (not to mention a few abroad). Therefore, I’ve decided to introduce a new category, “Retro Reviews”.

These won’t be treated like proper reviews, because the productions took place too long ago for me to remember all the details. Some of them might only be a couple of lines long, but I thought it would be a good way to pin down anything I can remember before I forget about them completely.

I will go backwards, starting with the productions I saw between February 2011 (when I moved to London) and November of that year (when I started the blog). I’ll then go back and write about the productions I saw even earlier than that. I will post all of these reviews in a separate category, so feel free to ignore if you prefer.