I’m originally from the North East of England, but I now live in London. My interest in the theatre began when my grandparents took me to an annual pantomime from a very young age. Later they took me to see ‘proper’ plays, while my auntie introduced me to musicals. These days I enjoy seeing all kinds of theatre, and I take advantage of living in London to see as many different productions as I can.

When I’m not loitering in one theatre or another, I can usually be found at work (got to pay for those tickets somehow), in a museum or in the pub.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Laura,
    Just come across your blog today – so glad you enjoyed Shackleton’s Carpenter & my performance. All our dates were sold out & we have had wonderful press and audience reactions.
    You might be interested to know that we are returning by public demand to The Old Market Hove on 26th April & to Upstairs at the Gatehouse Highgate for a week’s run at the beginning of August.
    We are planning a tour in the autumn and I am hopeful that other dates will come up before then, but I have to try and plan them round filming commitments.
    Again, many thanks for your kind comments and keep loitering!
    Best Wishes,
    Malcolm Rennie.

  2. Hi Laura,
    Just saw your review of FLEA IN HER EAR! It’s such a lovely review! thank you so much.

    best wishes


  3. Hi Laura, Odd Eyes Theatre is developing a new production, Close Up, with film and live singing. You wrote about #Haters last year. Would like to review one of the showcases on 26 January (Richmix) or 18 February (New Diorama)? Let me know and I will reserve your comp.
    More information about Close Up is available here: http://www.oddeyestheatre.net/close-up/

    I hope to hear from you soon.

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