Hanna, by Sam Potter, is the story of a young single mother, but with a difference. Hanna (Sophie Khan Levy) tells the story herself – occupied with raising her daughter Ellie, she discovers that the daughter she has loved as her own isn’t in fact hers at all. Two babies were accidentally switched at the hospital, and Hanna’s biological daughter is being raised by a wealthy family across town.

I can imagine it must be hard enough to be a young mother, without having a discovery like this to contend with. Hanna tells her tale conversationally, informally, frequently going off at tangents – she’s lively and entertaining, detailing the everyday joys and hazards of parenting while regaling us with how she dealt with this new unexpected scenario. It’s often funny, but also heartfelt, and as her story moved towards its conclusion, you could practically hear a pin drop in the auditorium.

This riveting and ultimately heart-warming tale was hugely compelling, and I definitely recommend trying to catch it.


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