Death of the King

I’ve written before how much I love Immercity’s work. A small company specialising, as the name suggests, in immersive theatre, they’ve been responsible for amazing shows such as Crashed and The Three Rings of Cirque Tsuki. This new show, Death of the King, takes over a disused factory in south London, with a complex and original plot surrounding the death of the titular character.

The idea behind the show is that you, the audience, are journalists invited to the factory where, several years ago in 1983, a group of young people lived and one, Rusty, died. His cousin, Jack, has invited a medium to bring back the ghosts of the past and help you to try and solve the mystery of what happened all those years ago.

I’ll say straight up, if I’d known how much group work and interaction there would be, I probably wouldn’t have gone. Having said that, I was put with a family of five who were all lovely and made me feel at ease. Together we descended to the basement to observe the ghostly replay of that night in 1983, followed by the chance to question the ghosts about their part in events.

So much attention to detail has gone into this show. The acting, costumes, and storyline are all well thought through and completely absorbing for the viewer. It’s not an easy problem to solve, but there are enough clues presented by the characters – if you ask the right questions – to work it out, and I’m rather chuffed to say I did.

This is a truly immersive, interactive piece of theatre that will challenge you. I’m glad I didn’t know in advance about the extremely interactive nature of it, as I would have missed out on something special. It’s definitely worth stepping out of your comfort zone and checking it out.


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