The Ride Down Mt. Morgan

As I mentioned in my review of Incident at Vichy, rarely performed plays can often be worthwhile reviving, especially if they’re by a heavyweight like Arthur Miller. If The Ride Down Mt. Morgan doesn’t exactly hit the heights of that play, it’s still worth checking out.

Lyman Felt has been in a car accident: he drove down a mountain in a blizzard when it was dark and lost control. His wife and daughter have come to visit him at the hospital: but unfortunately, so has his mistress.

The play is about what happens when his wife and mistress meet, and we go back in time to see how the situation arose in the first place. It’s hard to feel sympathy for a man who has committed bigamy, betrayed two women, and lied repeatedly, and I don’t think Miller is entirely successful in this, if this was indeed his intention. The cast from Company of Ten, at the Abbey Theatre in St Albans, do a good job with the material, but it isn’t one of Miller’s best plays.


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