A Well-Remembered Voice

A Well-Remembered Voice is a little-known play by J. M. Barrie which dates from just after the First World War. Barrie is more famous these days for Peter Pan, but during his lifetime he was an extremely popular and prolific playwright and author.

In this short play, a woman (Anne-Marie Piazza) holds a seance to try and contact her beloved son, killed in the trenches. Her husband (Brendan Weakliam) appears not to care, but in reality he misses his son deeply: as is shown later that evening when Jack (Peter Mulligan) appears as a ghost to him, asking him to carry on with life and not to grieve. There is some clever work from the ensemble as they represent the ghost moving around on stage.

In itself, the play is a bit too sentimental and overly didactic. However, as I watched it I thought of the play’s original audience, who may themselves have lost loved ones in the trenches, and thought how they may have been comforted by the play; and this made me find more meaning in it.


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