Murder Ballad

I will see Ramin Karimloo in anything, and when his next project Murder Ballad was announced, I was particularly intrigued. The show, which also stars Kerry Ellis, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt and Norman Bowman, is a love story told as a rock musical, written by Julia Jordan with with music and lyrics by singer-songwriter Juliana Nash.

Ellis plays Sara, married to good guy Michael (Bowman) but still hankering after her first love Tom (Karimloo). Hamilton-Barritt narrates, and much as I love Ramin, she was the standout performer for me, with a glorious husky voice. While I loved Ramin, I wasn’t entirely sure why he was meant to be such a bad guy. He didn’t really DO anything to warrant this label.

The score was different, but a bit repetitive, which was a shame. The set was okay, a bit bare but it suited the style of the show. I really didn’t like the projections – it was a bit of a shock seeing a giant baby’s head on screen.

Ultimately I enjoyed the show, particularly the unexpected ending, and the cast were really strong. However, I felt this show had the potential to be so much more than it was.


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