The second Macbeth production at the Globe in only a few years promised much: directed by Iqbal Khan, starring Ray Fearon and Tara Fitzgerald, it sounded like something that might have been performed by the RSC. Ultimately, I was a bit disappointed by the production.

For one thing, there were four witches. Four? I was actually distracted for much of the play, trying to work out why. Another touch was to have a child belonging to the Macbeths running around the place: a rather strange innovation, though effective in the memorable closing scene. The music was impressive, but slightly overpowering, I thought.

The two leads were effective and had strong chemistry; I particularly liked Fearon’s strong performance. Some of the other scenes fell flat, particularly the scene between Malcolm and Macduff in Act 4, although I did like the Porter scene, featuring a brilliant Nadia Albina.

Overall, a slightly disappointing experience: not as good, in my opinion, as the Macbeth a few years back at the Globe starring Joseph Millson and Samantha Spiro. Oh well.


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