Death In High Heels

Death in High Heels is a drama by Richard Harris, based on the book of the same title by Christianna Brand. It is set in a London couture house, “Christophe et Cie”, where a sense of anticipation is building. Manager Mr Bevan is about to choose a member of staff to send to France to be the general manager of a new branch in Deauville, but who will he pick? Things come to a head when one of the candidates is murdered: will the rest of the staff and the local police be able to work out who did it?

I saw an amateur production of this play at the Church of the Ascension Hall in Ealing, performed by the Brentwood Players. I did find the play a bit predictable, as I guessed whodunit pretty early on. Having said that, I enjoyed the play and was impressed with the quality of the performances. There was an entertaining cast of characters, from the loyal Miss Gregory to saleswoman Irene and showroom manager Dorian. I’d certainly be interested in seeing more Brentwood Theatre productions.


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