Heels of Glory

Heels of Glory was described as a drag action musical, so really, how could I not go and see it? Written by cabaret performer Tricity Vogue with music by Richard Link, it premiered at the Chelsea Theatre and formed part of the London LGBT Pride Cultural Festival.

The show is the story of seventeen-year-old drag queen Honey (Matthew Floyd Jones), who yearns to be as popular as Splendorella (Topsie Redfern AKA Nathan Kiley), the drag queen at the local club La Douche. With her friend Jay (Susan Harrison), who wants to be a secret agent, she sneaks in to the club only to get caught up in the wicked machinations of Allura Supreme (Sarah-Louise Young), whose planned launch of a new range of cosmetics is nothing but a ploy to rid the world of drag queens.

The show is very funny, with many brilliant comedy moments and strong performances from the leads, Splendorella and Allura. Honey is an appealing character and so is her friend and sidekick Jay. I particularly liked the supporting “henchmen” who often stole the show. I thought the songs were really great too – catchy and performed to a high standard. The story is entertaining, and the witty script keeps everything moving along.

The show has a serious message, which is about accepting yourself and having the freedom to be who you are. It’s not a particularly original message, but then I think it’s one that can’t be repeated often enough. I’d be surprised if anyone left this show without a big smile on their face, and I certainly hope Heels of Glory has a future life.

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