Scary Shit

The programme for Rhiannon Faith’s Scary Shit describes the show’s subject as  “friendship, being a woman and asking for help”, and this pretty much sums it up. In a room filled with pink and fluffy things – a heart-shaped sign, a retro phone, a crash helmet and some ponchos – Faith recounts the fears that led her to seek therapy and the methods she used to overcome them, which involve interpretive dance, visualisation, re-enactment, and performance poetry.

It might be a bit too cutesy, but running through the show is Faith’s friend Maddy, dressed as a goth, the only non-pink element and evidently suffering. We learn that her anxiety stems from infertility, which has affected her deeply. Throughout the show, the two friends grow closer, sharing experiences and feelings as they learn to deal with their issues.

I initially worried that the show would be too frivolous and silly, but it actually turned out to be deeper and more moving than I had expected, while still remaining funny. I would definitely recommend seeing this if it pops up again.


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