Vampire Hospital Waiting Room

The title alone made me want to see this show, a late-night fixture for several weeks at the small Above the Arts space in central London. I managed to see The Father and this musical on the same evening – good time management but the two provided quite a contrast!

Vampire Hospital Waiting Room is a comedy musical that had a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe. An eccentric doctor runs the emergency ward in a hospital and, when a seriously injured man arrives comatose, becomes convinced that he is the Vampire Lord. A handsome billionaire, the victim Arty Baldwin is joined first by his worried secretary, then by his wicked wife. The other patients in the emergency room, as well as the resident “Sexy Nurse”, get involved in events, which just get odder and odder as the time goes on.

The show is generally very funny, with Joe McArdle highly entertaining as the mad Dr Bloom and Abby Jackson also good as the nurse. I particularly liked Roz Ford as Mrs Baldwin, who made her evil character her own. Some of the songs were very catchy, particularly the title track, and I especially loved “Let’s Put the Fun in Funeral” – great fun.

This is an incredibly daft show, but a hugely entertaining one and I had a great time. I’d certainly be interested in seeing any other shows this talented group manages to cook up.

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