Nelson: The Sailor’s Story

My second visit to the Cutty Sark Studio Theatre in a very short space of time saw me  experiencing a performance of Nelson: The Sailor’s Story, a short play written and performed by Nicholas Collett.

“In the shot and smoke of battle four crew aboard HMS Victory strive to destroy the combined fleet of France and Spain. For 200 years since then Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson has stood patiently on his column in Trafalgar Square watching the world change…”

Taking on the role of Nelson himself as he sits atop his column in Trafalgar Square, as well as other members of the HMS Victory‘s crew, not to mention a modern-day homeless soldier seeking shelter in the middle of London, the play is an engrossing portrayal of life below deck during the famous Battle of Trafalgar and a series of musings by the great naval captain himself. Powerful, moving and thoroughly well researched.


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