tick tick… BOOM!

tick tick… BOOM!, performed by well-respected amateur theatre company Sedos at the Bridewell Theatre, is a musical by Jonathan Larson, composer of Rent. Originally performed as a solo rock musical by Larson himself in 1990, it eventually evolved into a multi-character work, adapted by David Auburn. It is the autobiographical story of an aspiring musical theatre composer, Jon, who is about to turn thirty and is questioning his life choices, including the validity of his career in the performing arts.

Knowing that Larson would die at the early age of thirty-five, before the astounding success of Rent, made this an incredibly poignant piece to watch. I turned thirty myself only a couple of months ago, so I could certainly identify with Jon’s fears and worries, and his consciousness of time ticking by.The songs can’t compare with the catchiness of Rent, but they are strong nonetheless, and the actors did a great job, particularly Robert J. Stanex as Jon. The show was staged very well, particularly during one song in which Jon’s friend reveals a tragic secret.

If you love Rent, then tick tick… BOOM! is a must-see – a hugely enjoyable, bittersweet musical full of energy and humour.



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