Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens

Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens is a cult science fiction musical that I’ve been intrigued by for a long time, after hearing that ex-Steps singer Faye Tozer was part of the 2006 London run. The original production was written in 1995 by a group of ex-students and taken to the Edinburgh Fringe; this JR Theatre production, in the show’s 20th anniversary year, is performed at Upstairs at the Gatehouse as part of the Camden Fringe.

The show is set in Saucy Jack’s intergalactic cabaret club, where a series of murders are being committed and the Space Vixens arrive to save the day. With saucy character names like Anna Labia, Bunny Lingus and Chesty Prospects, it isn’t exactly a children’s show, but it is great fun and I thought the score, which is heavily influenced by disco, was very catchy. Some of the sound was slightly off, but given that the show only had a limited 3-night run I can forgive this.

The cast were enthusiastic, if patchy, and special mention should go to Tim Stuart as Saucy Jack, who had a strong singing voice, and Dean Bray who was hilarious as Mitch Maypole. This would be a great show to take some friends along to for a booze-filled night out. It’s highly unsophisticated but great fun.


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