Print Room at the Coronet: Tour

The Coronet, in its cinema days (Photo credit: Edwardx at Wikimedia Commons)

The Print Room, a theatre in north west London, has a short but interesting history: founded in 2010 in a former print warehouse off Westbourne Grove, a couple of years ago it moved to the Coronet in Notting Hill Gate. The Coronet has a rich history of its own. A cinema for numerous years, it was originally conceived as a regional theatre (before Notting Hill was swallowed up by the boundaries of London) and was host to many productions and actors of note: it was even mentioned in a book I read recently about Ellen Terry and Henry Irving.

These tours of the Print Room at the Coronet are designed to introduce the theatre’s plans for the future. Productions have already started in the smaller studio space, which is currently located behind the main stage, and will continue in the main space before full refurbishment takes place.

My tour group met in the foyer and was offered wine. The foyer is gorgeous: I particularly like the drinks trolley.


Coronet foyer


Amazing drinks trolley

We headed into the main auditorium, which is currently undergoing refurbishment.


View of the stage

The stage is currently very shallow because much of it is taken up by the studio theatre, which is behind the wall. Eventually this wall will come down.


The ceiling, with lights which were put in in the 1980s


The theatre auditorium


The circles


The back of the stalls

We moved on to the smaller studio space. I was last here to see the production of Notes from Underground, when it was covered with books and darkly lit.


The studio theatre

This staircase goes all the way up to the top of the theatre.


This staircase goes all the way up to the top of the theatre

After that, we were taken to some of the dressing rooms. I loved the first one in particular – is this not the best clock and lamp you have ever seen?


Clock and lamp

The whole backstage area had a wonderful “shabby chic” atmosphere about it. I wouldn’t mind living there myself.


A dressing room

Drawings on the walls from World War II have been left there for posterity.


Drawings left behind

We spent some time exploring all the nooks and crannies backstage before venturing higher up.


View from the balcony

The best part was getting to go onto the roof itself, with fabulous views over London. There are plans to turn this into a restaurant, but for now it is a place for staff to rest and relax.


Up on the roof


View of London


Inside the tower

Can I live in this tower please?


A cosy space

I loved the tour and I can’t wait to see what the Print Room does with the Coronet space. I have a ticket for the forthcoming production of The Cocktail Party and I’m really looking forward to it.


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