Greywing House

Greywing House is a solo show created and performed by Mary Beth Morossa, a darkly humorous gothic piece set in an old house on the coast at Cradleshead. Morossa plays Amelia, a woman left in charge of a ramshackle boarding house after the death of her husband and her father-in-law. She welcomes us while sipping tea, a clattering teacup the first indication that all is not well at Greywing House, and so it proves, with unusual guests, ghostly appearances and the hypnotic cold sea calling to Amelia.

Haunting storytelling, creepy sleepwalking dancing and the use of puppetry to tell disturbing anecdotes combine to weave a world of melancholy magic. The language is superb, and Morossa’s sweet, almost quaint, look and mannerisms contrast with the nightmarish atmosphere in a way that is incredibly unsettling.

This highly involving piece is superb, leaving a lasting impression. I believe it is coming back to London as part of the Camden Fringe, and it is well worth seeing.


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