You don’t see any Strindberg for ages, then two come along at once. I went to the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre to see Creditors, a short play adapted by Neil Smith from Strindberg’s original. It is set in a hotel room in the midst of riots as Adolph (Tice Oakfield), an artist, awaits the return of his wife, Tekla (Rachel Heaton), a novelist. As he waits, another character, Gustav (Paul Trussell), stands by and encourages him – but is he all he seems?

The small space of the Jack is ideally suited for this tense and claustrophobic play. There is a sense that something is not quite right: Gustav’s motives are questionable and Adolph is clearly mentally unwell. The characters are all flawed, and well drawn, Tekla’s in particular: her relationship with Adolph is fascinating.

The play could be seen as a modern-day revenge tragedy, as a calm start hurtles to a powerful and tragic conclusion. Exploring the relationships between men and women in a similar way to The Father, which I saw the night before, it is a powerful piece which delivers a strong impact.


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