Lotty’s War

Lotty’s War is a powerful, thought-provoking play by Giuliano Crispini about the occupation of Guernsey during the Second World War. Lotty is distraught when her father dies in the siege that marks the start of the Nazi occupation, but when a SS General moves in with her and forces her to be his housekeeper, she is shocked to find her feelings for him developing. The play follows Lotty as she remains torn between her growing feelings for Rolf, the German officer, and her loyalty to her fellow islanders, particularly her longtime friend Adam.

Olivia Hallinan is superb in the role of Lotty, rather childish in the beginning of the play but growing up quickly when she has to learn to fend for herself. She does very well at conveying her conflicting feelings for Rolf, assisted by some clever direction which repeats scenes such as breakfast time to show how the passage of time thaws relations between them. Ben De Carteret shows how Adam grows up into a war-hardened man, and Mark Letheren succeeds in making Rolf into a fully rounded character.

This is a thriller, and it is full of gripping scenes and powerful performances, as well as a dramatic ending. However, it is also a play of psychological depth, and is well worth seeing.


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