The Picture of Dorian Gray

As a fan of Oscar Wilde, I decided to go and see The Alchemic Order’s immersive version of The Picture of Dorian Gray at a secret location in Greenwich. This version, by Samuel Orange, was an exciting one, though it had its faults.

On ringing the doorbell, my friend and I were greeted by Mrs Leaf, the housekeeper, whose entertaining banter with butler, Victor, kept us amused while the rest of the audience arrived. Once the play proper began, we were taken from one part of the house to another in order to follow the story.

The setting was very atmospheric, and I loved the uses made of the space, such as the space behind the mirror in the living room, and the framing of particular scenes in the windows of the house. On the other hand, some of the acting wasn’t great, and I thought that the ending seemed a little abrupt – I wasn’t quite sure when it had actually ended.

Still, I found this entertaining and unusual – definitely worth it if you like theatre that’s a bit different.


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