Lend Me A Tenor

I missed seeing Lend Me A Tenor in the West End, so was happy at the chance to see it at the Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch. Ken Ludwig’s farce is here directed by Matt Devitt in a very strong production.

Italian opera star Tito Merelli (played with warmth and humour by Fred Broom) has been flown to America by impresario Saunders (Sean Needham) to take the title role in a gala performance of Otello. However, the star’s demands in terms of food and drink, his refusal to rehearse with the company, and the presence of his wife, cause consternation. When Merelli is supposedly found dead, it is left to Saunders’ underling Max (Greg Last), a would-be opera singer, to step in and save the day…

This is a very funny show with strong performances all round, as well as a number of operatic performances of a very high standard. As with all good farces, there are a number of doors and plenty of occasion for flouncing out or hurrying in to them. A hugely enjoyable evening.


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