Soul Music

Terry Pratchett is one of my favourite writers, so I was very excited about seeing one of his books on stage. Soul Music was presented by Youth Music Theatre UK at the Rose Theatre, Kingston.

Directed by Luke Sheppard, adapted by Andrew Doyle and with music by Craig Adams, the show is an entertaining musical version of the tale of Imp, who leaves the mines to go to Ankh-Morpok and start a band. He forms “The Band With Rocks In” and hypnotises the city with his guitar skills, but is he playing the music or is the music playing him?

The cast of 40 were young people who had spent the past couple of weeks immersed in the show, and I was very impressed by their talent. In particular, Joe Bence is an appealing Imp and Grace Mouat is outstanding as Susan, the granddaughter of Death. Death himself is one of the best minor characters in the piece, a strong presence with his large skull and arms, skilfully manipulated by puppeteers. All of the cast do a brilliant job, though, as do the musicians. This show is great fun, and a fantastic showcase for up-and-coming talent.


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