Muse of Fire 2014

I love the Globe, and although I knew that their summer show Muse of Fire had been designed for children, I couldn’t resist booking anyway. Luckily I wasn’t the only sole adult there, although there were certainly lots of children.

The show takes place in the Underglobe (where the permanent exhibition is displayed) and the surrounding area. It has been performed during previous summers, but has been updated for 2014, and now ends in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. Under the leadership of the energetic and likeable Sally Lofthouse (as the Head Tour Guide) and Tom Giles (as the Tour Captain), different groups or “teams” (I was in Team Dekker) were led around the building by informative and helpful guides, in a bid to discover the source of the mysterious smoke coming from beneath the theatre. We got to sit in a tent with a terrified stagehand, explore the “costume department”, meet the Mythical Beast Catcher, and (my favourite) be introduced to the Archivist and his assistant. The show ended in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, where we had to help chase away the scary “Muse of Fire”! During the course of the performance we got to learn more about Shakespeare, his life and his plays – an ideal introduction for the youngsters of the group.

This was a brilliantly entertaining show, ideally pitched at young children (although some of the tinier ones in my group did seem a little frightened at some points). Their parents clearly enjoyed themselves too. If you don’t have children, borrow some, and give this lovely show a try.


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