Tonight’s the Night

I have a weakness for jukebox musicals, and decided to visit the New Victoria Theatre in Woking to see the Rod Stewart musical Tonight’s the Night. I wouldn’t describe myself as a Rod fan, but I very much enjoyed the show and was surprised at just how many songs I recognised.

Written by Ben Elton, the show tells the story of a young man who makes a pact with the Devil to exchange his own soul for that of Rod Stewart. He promptly embarks upon a successful career as a rock musician, but inevitably discovers that fame and fortune isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

The cast do a great job. As lead character Stuart, Ben Heathcote does a great impression of Rod, while Ricky Rojas stands out as his friend Stoner. Rosie Heath and Jenna Lee-James as Stuart’s would-be girlfriend and her best friend also shine.

This show is great fun – a daft but amusing storyline and some cracking hits come together to produce a great night out.


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