20th Century Boy

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a jukebox musical should be like. 20th Century Boy is a homage to Marc Bolan, packed with hits from T-Rex and covering the Seventies pop star’s story from his musical beginnings to his untimely death in a car accident in Barnes (incidentally, not far from the New Wimbledon Theatre, where I saw this show). The show is framed as a journey by Marc’s son Rolan, now living in America with his mother, on a quest to find out about his father’s life. Writer Peter Rowe has managed to craft an interesting tale around which the songs work excellently.

The performers are generally superb, notably Luke Bailey as Rolan and Donna Hines as his mother Gloria. Warren Sollars  is excellent as Marc Bolan himself, with an excellent singing voice and glamorous charisma. Overall, a hugely enjoyable evening for all, even for someone like me who didn’t really know T-Rex and their music all that well (kudos to the middle-aged gentleman a few rows in front of me with a shiny jacket and glitter in his grey hair).


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