Fallen Angels

As a huge fan of Noël Coward, I was determined to see Fallen Angels, a touring production of one of his plays starring Jenny Seagrove and Sara Crowe. I paid my first visit to Woking to attend a performance at the New Victoria Theatre, which I was impressed by – I’ve never seen a theatre built alongside a cinema before!

Two housewives, Julia (Seagrove) and Jane (Crowe), are flustered by the news that an old flame, Maurice, who had affairs with both women once upon a time, is back in town. Their old feelings return, and the two women must deal with their conflicting emotions of passion for the same man and friendship for each other, while simultaneously hiding things from their husbands Fred (Tim Wallers) and Will (Robin Sebastian). They decide to hold a posh party, complete with canapés and champagne, but as the drink begins to flow the arguments start.

Like most Coward plays, this is an old-fashioned comedy with a sophisticated set, but it is also incredibly funny. Seagrove and Crowe had fantastic chemistry and the end of Act One, during which they get progressively more drunk, had me in stitches. I am definitely pleased I went out of my way to see this.


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