A November Day

You get theatres everywhere these days, but I’d never been to one in a library, until I visited the Canada Water Culture Space. A room inside the new Canada Water Library, the space is set out like a theatre, with raked seating, and I attended a puppet show there called A November Day.

Thingumajig Theatre have created this show to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War. It follows a young woman trying to find out about her grandfather’s experiences of the war, and the subsequent flashbacks to his time in the trenches alongside his younger brother.

Kathy and Andrew Kim proved themselves to be versatile and talented performers, with Kathy carrying the show (and showcasing an impressive musical talent) and Andrew as an effective puppeteer. I thought the scenes in the trenches were the best, with effective and moving use of puppetry, and some moments of real feeling. A short, but worthwhile piece.


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