An Awfully Big Performance

An Awfully Big Performance was a little different from most theatre shows. It was designed to celebrate Chickenshed Theatre’s 40th anniversary and to showcase some of the best productions from their history.

Named after the theatre’s first venue – which was, indeed, a chicken shed – Chickenshed Theatre has come a long way in the past four decades. Thanks to the commitment of Jo Collins and Mary Ward, the theatre’s founders, and of course the participants, it puts on an extremely strong and varied selection of shows. The beauty of Chickenshed is that anyone can take part, regardless of their age, ability or whether they have a mental or physical disability.

Directed by Louise Perry, who along with all the crew deserve credit for putting such a huge production together, the show incorporates dance, puppetry, singing and acting. From the exciting ‘Cirque in the Freefall’ to the mini-play within Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the moving ‘A Mother of a Brown Boy’ to the impressive ‘A Drop in the Ocean’, the snapshots of the shows put on were hugely varied, powerful and entertaining. A really impressive and feelgood night out.


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