I Do

Dante or Die’s site-specific production of I Do is one of the most innovative theatre shows I’ve seen. Performed in the luxurious corridors of the Hilton Docklands (an interesting experience in itself), it takes place during the ten minutes before a wedding, repeated six times in six different rooms.

In this promenade performance, you are led, in your group, from one room to another, with each changeover accompanied by a winding back of time. The thread – or hoover cord – holding the whole thing together is the cleaner, who pops in and out of every room at varying points. Each group sees the rooms in a different order, but it really doesn’t matter.

All the characters have their own stories: there’s the bored bridesmaid, the could-be-pregnant bridesmaid, a groom with doubts and a worried bride. The best man is struggling with his speech; the bride’s brother is struggling with his sexuality. The parents of the bride are meeting for the first time for many years after their divorce, while the bride’s grandmother is finding it difficult to cope with her disabled husband.

This show had many funny moments, but also several moving and touching ones. In the hotel rooms, I felt I was really part of the action and as though I belonged to the characters’ worlds. The only thing I feel could have made the play better is if they had had a closing scene bringing all the characters together, perhaps during the wedding itself. However, it was still an original, highly engrossing piece.


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