New Wimbledon Theatre: Ghost Tour

New Wimbledon Theatre auditorium

I had a theatre trip with a difference on Sunday evening – a ghost tour of New Wimbledon Theatre. Opened in 1910, the theatre has enjoyed a long and distinguished history, being used as the rehearsal space for 1985’s Live Aid, and – more ghoulishly – being used as a morgue during the Blitz (the downstairs cellar at least). We were taken around the theatre, into the stalls and onto the stage. There is something thrilling about being on stage. I’m no actress, but I love walking onto a stage – I imagine all the scenes that have taken place, the laughter and the tragedy, and the hundreds of performances – and it’s so exciting.

We got to go backstage too, which was interesting. Our guide was a paranormal investigator but also a sceptic, which I found refreshing. He is curious about the supernatural and does not disbelieve in ghosts, but accepts that there are rational explanations for many supposed ghost sightings. Some of the tales he told were incredibly creepy, such as the woman who saw a man in Puritan costume at the end of the row. I was scared to go to the toilet by myself at the end of the tour, so was relieved to find someone else as frightened as I was to accompany me!

New Wimbledon Theatre stage


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